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There are countless Tarot card readers out there but no need to look anywhere else. I offer you personalised, genuine Tarot readings for exactly what you need right now that come to you in an ebook you can keep forever.

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Halloween Tarot Reading by Tilly Tarot Tilly

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Spiritual Online Counselling: When you feel you cannot talk to others choose a Tarot reading for personal insight.


I'm Tilly, a Tarot Card Reader / 3rd generation psychic based in the UK and reading Tarot cards for over 30 years (yes since the age of 7).

I produce only honest, genuine Tarot Card Readings for you to reflect on any area of life.

I like to mix a bit of modern magic with ancient divination to help find the right pathways for your life ahead. Read more here.

Beginners Tarot 3 Ways to Confidently Connect with the Cards - Tarot by Tilly Tarot

New Blog Post: Beginners Tarot - 3 Ways to Confidently Connect with the Cards

In this post I will show you how to truly connect with the cards in 3 ways. This is important because although knowing the meaning of each individual Tarot card helps it doesn't provide us with enough confidence sometimes to truly connect with the reading and understand what the message is. This should help any beginner Tarot reader to become more intuitive and able to pick up a deck with confidence.

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Over 50 Magical Tarot Card Readings for Tarot by Tilly Tarot

Choice of Over 50 Magical Tarot Card Readings Online

Yes, there are alot of Tarot Card Readings Online available on my site! Over the years I have designed readings for individuals and found they were useful for others too.

So even though there are many categories and Tarot readings to choose from you can also order a standard general outlook reading of 1, 3 or 11 cards depending on the depth of your question. Just emailme a question and I can help.

Click the pages to see a 3 Card Tarot Reading.
Page 1 of a Sample 3 Card Tarot Reading by Tilly Tarot Page 2 of a Sample 3 Card Tarot Reading by Tilly Tarot Page 3 of a Sample 3 Card Tarot Reading by Tilly Tarot
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"Dear Tilly, your reading for me was just incredible. Accurate and sensitive to issues around me and the question I gave you. I was just blown away at the professional presentation and the loving kindness with which you put things. You have moved me very much, given food for thought and hope for the future. Your work is personal and clearly inspired by spirit. I have greatly benefited from your gifted insights. Bless you so much." (MT London)

"So thank you so, so much for your words...I can't believe that they actually came true only a few days later!! (I really can't say `thank you` enough xx)" (Susie)

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What should I expect from a Tarot reading?What to expect from a Tarot Reading by Tilly Tarot

You can expect to find new pathways you may never have noticed before. You can use the Tarot to help you find love, focus on your family, build your career, or boost your self confiedence. My vision is to share all my 30 years experience and only produce honest answers (no computerised readings here!) so you can be sure you are receiving Tarot card readings that are genuine from a professional reader.

Start your journey today and experience new insight into your life.

I will help you understand yourself better through the Tarot and guide you to find the answers you seek.

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You can find out more about what to expect from your Tarot reading on the About Me page. 

12 Month Forecast Tarot Card Reading sent by email.Predictions Tarot Card Readings Online Tarot by TillyTarot

Would you like to know what is in the cards for the next twelve months? Choose the Calendar spread to get insight in love, career, money, family or a general outlook. Select a category and choose 'Calendar Spread' now. Book your reading.

Introductory 1st time Tarot Card Reading by Tarot by Tilly Tarot

Or Why Not Try an Introductory Tarot Card Reading

If this is your first time to my site or you've never had a Tarot reading before I offer a one card reading to help you dip your toes. It's only £5 and will involve a general outlook on your life on any area the Tarot cards feel needs attention. Perfect for a treat for yourself and to start off your Tarot journey of renewal! Read On.

Tarot Card Readings Online for Tarot by Tilly Tarot for Accurate Genuine Predictions for any of your personal journeys in all areas of life.

"I've had four readings with Tilly and each one was fabulous. All were insightful and very helpful. I highly recommend Tilly! I can't thank her enough for the positive energy she has given me with her gift." (Monica)

Featured Blog Posts

Learn to read Tarot in 5 Simple steps by Tilly Tarot

Learn to read Tarot in 5 Simple Steps

I've broken down the process into 5 simple steps so you too can have a dabble at home reading the Tarot for yourself. There is no right or wrong way how to read Tarot cards because as you grow and develop your own familiarity and technique, that is right for you, the limits will be endless.

The Tarot uses the human consciousness to link to the imagery in the cards so make a point of finding a particular part of the card that speaks to you. This will help you not only remember what the basic meaning of the card is but it will remind you of what the symbol meant to you intuitively. Read On. 

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3 Magical New Tarot Decks for 2020 to Supercharge your intuition today in Tarot by Tilly Tarot

3 Magical New Tarot Decks 2020 to Supercharge Your Intuition Today

There are some beautiful Tarot Decks 2020 out that will inspire a deeper connection with your intuition.

Each year hot new releases of tarot decks are published with beautiful artwork that excite new interpretations and messages for us.

The start of this year has seen a fantastic amount of new Tarot Decks 2020 so i'm here to showcase 3 of the most ridiculously stunning Tarot Cards to add to your collection or be the beginnings of something beautiful. Read On.

Celebrity Tarot Reading: Madonna - 7 Tarot Cards To Reveal her true personality

Celebrity Tarot Reading: Madonna – 7 Tarot Cards to Reveal her True Personality.

Celebrity Tarot Reading for Madonna, or Madge as the material girl is also known who has literally bedazzled us from the start smashing into the charts in the 1980’ s with a music career that put her centre limelight!

She is a strong woman who never accepts second best and with the Pentacles suit dominating her Tarot spread it undoubtedly reminds us how driven she is to succeed. Read On. 

10 True Love Tarot Questions: Get Emotionally Involved

10 True Love Tarot Questions: Get Emotionally Involved

A spread for love Tarot questions is so simple, so magical, so unique to you and what you seek out of a relationship.

This is why I perform personalised Love Tarot Card Readings Online direct with you without an automated computer program like a lot of other free Tarot sites.

It’s personal isn’t it! But isn’t that what love is all about? Read On. 

Featured Tarot Reading: Spiritualistic Tarot SpreadGirl holding an orange branch in a magical forest.

Spiritual growth is deeply uncovered helping you understand your inner psyche, develop your emotional state, build confidence, intuition and your psychic abilites. Read On


There are so many reasons Tarot can help you in all areas of your life....

But if you feel uncertain about a particular aspect of your life right now don't hesitate to CONTACT me for an Online Tarot Reading.

In the meantime why not browse all the categories right now!

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