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Beginners Tarot: 3 Ways to Confidently Connect with the Cards

Beginners Tarot: 3 Ways to Confidently Connect with the Cards

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In this post I will show you how to truly connect with the cards in 3 ways. This is important because although knowing the meaning of each individual Tarot card helps it doesn't provide us with enough confidence sometimes to truly connect with the reading and understand what the message is. This should help any beginner Tarot reader to become more intuitive and able to pick up a deck with confidence.


What is Tarot, and Why Does Confidence Matter?

The Tarot is very much about linking to your inner psyche and intuition in order to receive the right messages and find out what are the pathways laid out to you right now. When you layout out the Tarot cards be sure to take your time and breathe. This is important in order to confidently connect with the Tarot and help you see images and messages that you may have missed before. Do you doubt anything that comes to you and your confidence will grow.

Beginners Tarot: 3 Ways to Confidently Connect with the Tarot

1 - Be drawn to your Tarot Deck

Your own personal Tarot deck is special to you for a reason. It has called out to you and connected with your own personal energy. The deck may be bright and colourful with vivid imagery (Modern Witch Tarot is absolutely stunning!) or plain and more vintage with hardly anything to go on (I use the Della Rocca old Italian Tarot deck). I have always advised all my followers to start with the Rider Waite Tarot deck that comes with a helpful guidebook. Either way this makes no difference to whether you are able to gain more insight from the Tarot reading because you will still receive messages and images, as long as you bond with the Tarot Deck.

Choosing a Tarot Deck

2 - Shuffling the Tarot Deck

Now you have your personal Tarot deck that you feel connected with and happy with, begin your Tarot reading by shuffling the deck at least seven times. Really concentrate on your situation and keep a direct and straightforward question in mind in order to get a more direct answer back. Make sure you have a safe, sacred space that is ready for placing the cards with a Tarot cloth of your choice you feel attuned with. When shuffling the Tarot deck, you should feel a real sense of energy growing and every time you do this your confidence will build up.


3 - Laying out the Tarot Cards.

Beginners Tarot: by Tilly Tarot - Learn to Read the Cards Confidently

Concentrate on your question then go ahead and pull out a Tarot card. The Tarot deck will tell you when you stop and the card will sometimes literally fly out the Tarot deck at you! Lay the card down and go with your initial instincts straight away. For a great bestselling book on Tarot spreads try 365 Tarot spread: by Sasha Graham. Trust your intuition, take from it anything including imagery or images that come to you personally. Make a note of your question and the answers you gain from the Tarot card you pull. If you keep a log of these you can refer back and begin to grow your confidence with every Tarot reading you perform by tracking your results.

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# Tips and Reminders for Building Tarot Reading Confidence

Don't be put off because it takes time to build your confidence if you have struggled in the past.

Don't rely on just the meanings but use them to help you paint a picture from your intuition.

Do be more confident and trust your Tarot reading messages because every reading is different and unique to you.

Do perform a Tarot reading every day even if it's only one card. Your confidence will naturally grow more strong.

We all have a natural intuition that can only get more precise with every Tarot Card reading you perform so don't give up as your confidence will improve. Trust your instincts and above all enjoy the psychic connection and energy that comes from performing a confident Tarot card reading.

Spiritual Intuitive Tarot Card Reading for beginner Tarot to build Confidence in your Tarot Card Readings

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