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Celebrity Tarot Reading: Madonna – 7 Tarot Cards to Reveal her True Personality.

Celebrity Tarot Reading for Madonna, or Madge as the material girl is also known who has literally bedazzled us from the start smashing into the charts in the 1980’s with a music career that put her centre limelight! She is a strong woman who never accepts second best and with the Pentacles suit dominating her Tarot spread it undoubtedly reminds us how driven she is to succeed.

Celebrity Tarot Reading: Madonna – 7 Tarot Cards to Reveal her True Personality. Tarot by Tilly Tarot

The Strength Tarot Card and The Queen of Cups crossing shows a true beauty from the heart appearing strong and confident. She is a perfectionist with high standards but also a deep caring side to her that she hides away. The Empress card is also at the forefront of her Celebrity Tarot Reading and instils a sense of motherhood and protectiveness that she holds close to her heart and is very private about it.

The Chariot card within the Celebrity Tarot reading for Madonna is very straight forward and to the point, where she has always avoided distractions from others and likes to show people who is boss. Basically, Madonna would be the one to drive on a road trip and she would also know all the best places to stop. She likes to be in the driving seat and has very high standards.

Madonna’s vision from this Celebrity Tarot Reading is to be a Queen and with the ability to run the country herself – she doesn’t need a King in her life because she has it all in hand. She is just as hard on herself as she is others because not only does she strive for perfection but will hold out for only the best.

Madonna’s past card is The Fool which definitely relies upon her go getting nature and she knew exactly how to play her cards when building up her music career – it’s not what you know but who you know darling! But friendships haven’t always been easy for her and The Hermit card foretells her nature will always be a bit of problem when trying to get close to someone.

“Poor is the man whose pleasures depend on the permission of another. I’m tough, I’m ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay.I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art. Better to live one year as a tiger, than a hundred as sheep.” (Madonna)

She is always looking for reflection on her personality and how to always grow new wings. Evolving from the material girl to the ageless beauty she is today, Madonna will and always will be known as ‘the Queen of Pop’ always pushing the boundaries of lyrical content in mainstream music.

Celebrity Tarot Reading: Madonna – 7 Tarot Cards to Reveal her True Personality. Tarot by Tilly Tarot Celebrity Tarot Reading: Madonna – 7 Tarot Cards to Reveal her True Personality. Tarot by Tilly Tarot

The Devil card or ‘Diva’ is at the centre of her image and personality and no doubt we can paint a picture from this card of lust, love and passion – she has all of this in an abundance and more. She wouldn’t be Madonna without a bucket full of optimism and with around an $800 million fortune she is definitely about to manage her finances. It’s true that where she may seem to lack empathy and come across strong in fact her emotional card within the Celebrity Tarot Reading displays her ability to be kind and have real passion for helping others. The charity founded for the extreme poverty and hardship experienced by Malawi’s one million orphans is proof of that.

“No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you’ve come from, you can always change, become a better version of yourself.” (Madonna)

She reflects her diva personality within her music singing ‘Cherish’ or ‘The Power of Goodbye’ but her strength, from what we have learnt from this Celebrity Tarot Reading, truly comes from the past and as with everyone’s personal tragedies – it made her the one of the most influential and iconic female recording artists of all time – especially when she won Woman of the Year.

Celebrity Tarot Reading – Madonna as you’ve never seen her before.




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