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Here you will discover all my Tarot Reading General Spreads to search for inner calm. Connect with Tilly Tarot for a Daily Tarot reading sent everyday to your personal Email. Monthly and Yearly Tarot reading spreads also available for a general overview.

Great when you do not know what the future holds and are curious. Interpret your dreams, develop your spiritual growth, discover many new sides to yourself with a Horoscope spread... or maybe you are at a crossroads in your life?

One Tarot Card per Question you have in mind.
One Tarot Card per Question you have in mind.
1 Card per Question
From: £5.00

First Time Reading
Price: £5.00

Horseshoe Tarot Spread by Tilly Tarot Your dreams can be interpreted through the Tarot. Dreams are messages and reflections of where our life is leading us. Find out with the Tarot how we can improve our lives through the understanding of our dreams.
Horseshoe Spread
Price: £30.00
Dream Meanings
From: £5.00
Wake up to a Tarot reading for the day ahead! A Tarot reading everyday for a week!
From: £5.00

Week Ahead
Price: £30.00 

One Month Predictions What does the next 12 months have in store for you?
Month Ahead
From: £15.00
Price: £45.00
Tree of Life Tarot Reading A horoscope or astro forecast predicted on a daily, weekly or monthly basis can help open your eyes to new opportunities and experiences in your life that you may have not seen before. My Horoscope spread is a psychic Tarot card reading that can reveal all aspects of the Zodiac within astrology. Free daily horoscopes may not be as accurate as when coupled with the magical Tarot. Weekly horoscope predictions are also available online as a free horoscope reading but this Tarot spread relates to all aspects of astrology including; Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra, Virgo, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus and Aries. The twelve signs of the zodiac can reveal to us signs of love compatibility and in particular a love horoscope using the Tarot in this spread coupled with your birthday is specific and accurate. Psychics have used this Tarot card reading for centuries combining the power of two ancient magical arts. Use this spread to look for a sign or indeed signs of new times ahead. Free horoscope daily readings do not have the accuracy as when it is used with the Tarot. Love horoscopes are more informative in this spread aswell and you can find your match in the signs.
Tree of Life
From: £40.00
Horoscope Spread
Price: £60.00

Welcome to the general section of the Tilly’s website to find out what support you can apply to your life with the ancient divination technique of Tarot Card Reading.  Tilly is a Third Generation Psychic and columnist featured also in national magazine High Spirit and has work printed in such books as The World Tarot Annual.  Forecast your life for the Day Ahead, Week Ahead or for One Month. Tarot Card Reading for General Outlooks are there to help guide us through the up's and down's of everyday life. Whether it be a positive or negative day we can gain more out of life by following the pathways that the Tarot Cards show us.


Other Tarot Readings People Ordered;


The Horseshoe Tarot Card Reading can help reveal a clear pathway and resolution to a problem you may have.  I'll shuffle the Tarot Deck and select Seven cards placing them from left down and up to right in the shape of a Horseshoe. 

When im selecting your cards i'll think deeply about the question you wish to be answered and put to the cards these thoughts for each of the seven cards;

Horseshoe Tarot Reading

Card 1 refers to influences in the past.
Card 2 indicates the present circumstances.
Card 3 reveals the future in general terms.
Card 4 indicates the recommended action.
Card 5 reveals the attitudes of those surrounding you.
Card 6 indicates obstacles that may stand in your way.
Card 7 suggests the probable final outcome of the problem.

This is one of the most ancient of Tarot Card Spreads and can reveal many different sides of a situation. A must have Psychic Tarot Card Reading that will illuminate your pathway and options.


View the Horseshoe Tarot Reading

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