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Ultimate Top 10 Tarot Cards for “Is your partner cheating?” Reveal Any Love Connections with these cards by Tilly Tarot.

Ultimate Top 10 Tarot Cards for 'is your partner cheating' infidelity Tarot by Tilly Tarot

The 10 Tarot Cards are here to help you find out if your partner cheating is true. Or order the Love Cheats Tarot spread here by Tilly Tarot – Professional Tarot Reader. Carry on reading to find out the 10 Tarot Cards linked to Infidelity.

You have found this post because you suspect your partner of cheating? It’s a horrible situation to find yourself in with a loss of trust in your relationship, future and maybe even marriage. I have put together 10 Tarot Cards from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck that represent forbidden relationships and may help you find out if your partner cheating is a reality, suspicion or nothing to be worried about.

To start I would like to offer a link to self help and counselling books availble free on Kindle. A Tarot card reading can help guide you in this process of confusion, frustration and worry so if you have a Tarot deck then this will be an ultimate guide. Below is a list of 10 Tarot cards that should help you decide and communicate with your partner about your suspicions. There may be underlying issues that are causing your feelings of distrust or (hopefully not) your partner is indeed cheating. We cannot be 100% with Tarot card readings because it comes down to outside influencing factors that affect the pathway of what may be in the future.

This is a guide for you to use at home to show which cards primarily come up in a Tarot Card Reading for cheating partners. For me the most common of cards is The High Priestess as she teaches you to listen to your intuition and trust your gut instinct. Here is a breakdown of all the 10 cards that link to cheating or infidelity. (The Tarot cards used for this infidelity post is the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck – You can purchase the Rider Waite Tarot Deck through Amazon here.




Infidelity Tarot by Tilly Tarot



Partner Cheating? 10 Tarot Cards that represent infidelity. Order the Love Cheats Tarot Card Reading here to help focus energy on if your partner cheating is true.


  1. The Magician – He is the literal sense of tricking, pretending and being cheeky. He is known for going behind backs, lies and reinventing himself. Don’t trust the Magician in love readings because they may be ‘jokey’ and have a funny comment to put towards your question on where they were last night but the dark side of their personality is still prevalent.

  2. 7 of Swords – Tarot card of lies, deception therefore infidelity that is hidden from you. You haven’t been aware of it and they have been trying to get away with it so brace yourself for some rude awakenings with this card. There may be outside influences that have affected your partner cheating from committing such offences in past so take into account the reasons but obviously the betrayal is present here with the 7 of Swords.

  3. The Tower – The visual illustration on the Tarot card for The Tower shows people jumping out of a burning building. There will be a bit of confusion but it doesn’t always signify a definite trauma of infidelity. Look around at the circumstances and take into account all that has happened recently because the distress and upset may mean that your partner is contemplating it.

  4. Knight of Wands – If your significator Tarot card for your partner is the Knight of Wands then this may mean there is infidelity. Your partner may be cheating or they may just like to ‘shop around’ in terms of looking but not touching. In cases such as these relationships may have a strain put upon them because of a recent breakdown in terms of communication and collapse because of a recent trauma. This colourful character may mean you suspect your partner cheating.


  5. 3 of Swords – Depicted by a heart with three Swords stabbed through the centre, the 3 of Swords is a Tarot card of heartache and the realisation for you that there is a love triangle. You may feel concussed and there will be a collision ahead in terms of coming to terms with a feeling of discontent and unrest.

  6. 2 of Pentacles – A juggler is keeping everything spinning in the air one by one as illustrated in the 2 of Pentacles Tarot card. This is how you feel your relationship has been recently and it is almost as though you are the only one trying to keep things afloat. Your partner has been juggling lovers and leaving you wondering with a jarring sense of negativism that things are not as they seem. The simple fact here is that the bombshell is going to hit as and when you call the elephant in the room.

  7. The Fool – A Tarot card that cheekily arises in a Tarot reading. Take this card with a pinch of salt because the underlying fact here is what is on your partners mind? Are you on a break? This is maybe what they are thinking and why they are straying. Be honest with yourself and ask if the relationship is already over an should you move on before you are hurt and while you can still keep your dignity?

  8. Queen of Swords – The Swords suit is usually linking with negativity and encounters you would rather avoid. The Turn of events and the impact it has on your life is major with infidelity and the Queen of Swords is representing a female bombshell that is the third person in your relationship (an unwanted one!) When combined with the 3 of Swords know that this ‘mistress’ is in awe of your partner and very manipulative.

  9. The Moon – The card of dreams. When you have intuitive messages being sent to you by your guides it’s a good idea to record them in a dream book. Some will not make sense but you can make a link to each of them. With regards to infidelity your inner intuition is trying to tell you something. This card is very much revolving around your worry or fear for your partner cheating. So make sure you have facts and evidence if you bring up the accusation. Moreover, this Tarot card has chance of infidelity but just take your time and choose your timing wisely on bringing it up because morally to expose a partner cheating you need evidence.

  10. The Devil – The card that everyone fears but it simply denotes a feeling of lust and want for more out of the relationship and lets you know your partner is considering moving on or has another person on their mind. They may lost control of their feeling for more in time so best to tackle the situation early so it doesn’t come as a complete surprise later on in the year when they decide to cheat.

I hope this explanation of a partner cheating Tarot Cards helps you with your Tarot readings at home. Please take no exception that communication is the key action here when it comes to distrust. Don’t jeopardise your relationship until you know the truth. You can order a Love Cheats Tarot Reading from me here if you need to and I also found a useful article on things your partner may say to defend themselves when communicating.

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