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The Pathway Tarot Card Reading is very personal to me and one that I use often myself.  It helps identify all zones of your life that may need improvement so that you may move forward with your life.


I will cover Career, Love, Family, Money, Friends and the main section on just you using 60 cards and up to 30 pages within your E-Book.


Using 60 cards is significant because the number 6 is linked to The Lovers card of choices.  In the Tarot deck 0 symbolises the Fool representing new beginnings ahead and opportunities. 


This magical combination of ancient numerical mythology conjures up a unique Tarot spread very dear and special to me… it will reveal the different pathways ahead of you and opportunities not to miss.

Pathways Tarot Card Reading by Tilly Tarot

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Please allow 2-5 days for delivery as this is a large spread.

People who ordered and enjoyed this Tarot Reading also ordered the 7 Chakras Tarot spread;


A 7 Chakras Tarot Card Reading is performed using Seven Tarot cards to represent each Chakra that is the Root, Sacred, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Brow and Crown. I shall perform a Tarot reading to help balance and rid yourself of negative energy.

7 Chakras Tarot Card Reading

The Chakra is the grounding force that allows us to connect to the earth's energies and empower our beings. By learning about your personal Chakra's in a Tarot reading self chakra, you can understand why sometimes you feel confused, stuck or really tired sometimes. These are the body's seven sacred energy centres that effect your everyday life.

Card 1 will tell us about our energy levels using the Base or Root Chakra. It is our security Chakra and can help identify how habits affect our lives.

Card 2 is the relationship chakra indicating using a Tarot card the emotional ties we have.

Card 3 represents the solar plexus showing where we worry, feel confused or feel concious.

Card 4 is at the heart of the Chakra indicating our ability to love and how we can be loved. What do we need to accept in order to be loved unconditionally.

Card 5 symbolises the fifth Chakra that is the throat energy source. Commnication is what stems from this Chakra and with a Tarot card we can realise what needs to be focused on in terms of speaking, writing and communicating our true feelings.

Card 6 represents the brow showing us the right direction and how we can steer away from the wrong way. This will help us see things in a more clear light and where we should be focusing our attention now.

Card 7, the crown Chakra symbolises our spiritual wellbeing and how we can develop now to reach our highest level and potential.

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(Please allow 2-3 days for delivery)




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