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Based on the twelve houses of the Zodiac and all the characteristics that are revealed within each Horoscope sign. 

It will reveal the next six months life experiences in all areas of your life - a Horoscope Tarot Card Reading will provide you with a huge amount of insight that will catapult you into the future and prepare you for life's high and low times.

Be ready to find out your deepest connections on all levels through the Horocope spread today.

The Horoscope Tarot reading is a thorough indepth look into your psyche using all the signs of the zodiac and when I mean thorough it certainly is!

A large reading that looks into your self, communication, money, resources, love, career and many other areas of your life.

It really does cover everything!

Here are the 12 Zodiac signs and what the Tarot cards will represent for them in a reading personalised for you;

Aries: Self 
(thoughts, feelings, represents way of approaching problem)
Taurus: Resources and Money
(financial situation, attitudes towards financial matters)
Gemini: Communications
(letters, phone calls, visits, travel for work, mental energy flow of ideas, news of outer events)
Cancer: Home
(feelings/thoughts on family, home, parents, people close to you)
Leo: Pleasure, Romance, Creativity
(love, pleasure, romance, creativity)

Horoscope Tarot Reading

Virgo: Health and Work
(health matters (physical, mental, spiritual) and day-to-day work)
Libra: Partnerships
(attitudes on joint ventures, marriages, formal relationships)
Scorpio: Sex, Death, Money
(deaths, major changes, sexuality, inheritance)
Sagittarius: Far Horizons
(distant travel, philosophy on life, education, future hopes)
Capricorn: Career
(attitudes on career, goals, ambitions, job prospects)
Aquarius: Friends
(social groups, social life)
Pisces: What is Hidden
(hidden fears, unconscious wishes, limitations, blocks, secrets – repressed feelings)

It is a twelve card spread that will provide a snapshot of a single moment in time in all all areas of your life. A very popular spread that profiles a wide spectrum of you and your life. 


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Recently Purchased Tarot Reading

FAMILY TAROT READING: Family Affairs, Problems & Arguments.

Relationship breakdowns at home?

Arguments at home? Disputes that cannot be resolved? A Family Tarot Reading using the Family Affairs Tarot spread can help you.

We all have issues time to time within our family and to help us move on from situation sometimes we need a boost or outsiders view.

What better way than to ask the Tarot cards for help.

You can always add a note to your reading request for a more yes or no answer or I will perform a general Tarot reading.

As an online tarot reader I will send your eBook Tarot reading to you by email for privacy to the email of your choice.

Have you fallen out with a sibling, mother father or other father member?

Do you want to reconnect with a family member?

Do you wish things would smooth out again?

Family Tarot Reading - Family Affairs Tarot Card Reading

Are family arguments getting harder to overcome?

Do you have children who are tempremental at this time?

How can things be repaired?

Is your relationship with your partner difficult?

With this family Tarot reading all issues are discussed and you can really find a solution to any problems you have had in your family.

If you are a mother, father, son, daughter, cousin, stepmother, stepfather, neice or nephew... things can be worked out.

Let the Tarot help you find a renewed sense of clarity again... there is hope.



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