Tarot Card Readings by Professional Tarot Card Reader Tilly Tarot.  Gifted Empath able to connect with people all over the world practising the art of Tarot Card Reading for over 20 Years.  Third Generation Psychic she has the ability to read the cards unlike any other Tarot Card Reader.  As featured in High Spirit Magazine, columnist for the World Tarot Magazine, work featured in the Tarot Annual Book and many other sources of professional work.  Begin your journey to find peace and clarity in your life for all areas today.  Love, Career, Money, Family, Marriage, Pet, Baby or any other part of your life.  Tilly will put together a reading to suit your needs.



FULL MOON TAROT READING - The Moon is the ruler of emotions and the changing tides of time. It's influence on our 'biological tides' are powerfully felt at this time of the lunar cycle because our bodies are made up of more than 85% water and guided by the pull of gravity and oceanic tides.  


Q:  Can I ask a Yes or No Question?

A:  By all means yes do, but the cards provide guidance and will not tell you what to exactly do.  They will help you determine your best pathway and let you make your own mind up.  Sometimes if someone tells you what you should do you still seem pulled to another direction, but without his or her straight answer you would not know your deep inner feeling and what to do.  The cards will help you see the light and understand what is best for you and the future.

Q:  Are predictions made by the cards set in stone?

A:  No, there are many pathways ahead of you in your life.  The love tarot cards simply show you first one pathway that it is ahead but only if you continue in the same direction and choose to accept it.  Some Tarot card readers wish for you to believe the future is fixed, but know you can choose whichever pathway lies ahead for you and your personal fate.

Q:  I’m worried I shall be given bad news!

A:  I am dedicated to providing you with honest true answers that will help and guide your through your life.  If there are obstacles that are obvious to me in the love tarot cards then you will be able to overcome them and be prepared for what lies ahead.  There is only positivism in my online tarot readings.  I do not sugar-coat but am honest.  But overall, I do feel the glass is half full and even if sometimes we have been through a terrible experience, we can begin again on a pathway that is so much better and one that we may never have found before.  I am living proof of this as seen in the stories the national magazines have printed about me.  (See my Features Page).



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